• RaChad Moreland

    February 09, 2018

    I took the family to see Shrek The Musical and it was by far the best I've ever seen. ... Read More

  • Meri Beth Miller

    February 09, 2018

    We had the best time ever watching The Little Mermaid! Everyone was amazing and the entire staff was ridiculously nice. We will be back for sure! ... Read More

  • Carlos Curet

    February 09, 2018

    Every show we have been to has been exceptional and they keep getting better! From the performers to the set design and costumes, each show seems to top the last. Great job by everyone involved! ... Read More

  • Sherri Evans

    February 09, 2018

    I am so upset with myself! We have lived in Wichita Falls for several years. I love the performing arts but always thought I had to go to the Bass Hall in Forth Worth, or Fair Park in Dallas to see a great performance. WRONG. I talked my husband into going with be to Beauty and the Beast last night, he begrudgingly agreed. I was just waiting to hear him sigh from boredom, but to my surprise not a sound. We were both astounded by the performance. "Mrs. Pots" voice is perfection, as well as "Belle". I giggled every time "Lumiere" and "Cogsworth" were onstage. Everyone was terrific! Live and learn, we will be back! ... Read More

  • Brandi Shelton

    February 09, 2018

    We saw Little Mermaid today, absolutely fantastic! The singing, acting and comedy made this well worth watching. It was our fist time to be there and now I can't wait for another show to come out!! Fantastic job! ... Read More