Cast List

DOM CLAUDE FROLLO    Jim Hall                  

JEHAN FROLLO                 Sheldon Clanton

FLORIKA                              Heather Phillips

FATHER DUPIN                  George Tipton

QUASIMODO                     Luke Draper           


PHOEBUS DE MARTIN     Ian Kirkpatrick

FREDRICK CHARLUS        Aiden Neely

ESMERELDA                      Nicole Rhoads       

KING LOUIS XI                   Daniel Levell

TRIBUNAL/OFFICIAL        Desman Juarez

MADAME                           Jamie Morgan

SAINT APHRODISIUS       Billy Brasfield



Emily Gill

Ashton Mastalaz

Marlow McCorkle



(Gypsies, Soldiers, Revelers, Parishioners, Priests, Prostitutes, & Citizens of Paris):

Ben Austin

Aly Bruce

Madeline Catron

Sheldon Clanton

Davidson Cook

Melissa Cuevas

Rowen Hardman

Stacy Hawkins

Desman Juarez

Daniel Levell

Jamie Morgan

Aiden Neely

Heather Phillips

Sydney Wisdom



Clair Baer

Billy Brasfield

Allie Calvert

Steven Calvert

Marjean Cox

Bobby Dannatt

Isabella Del Rio

Rachel Masters

Russel McCabe

Becky Morrison

Linda Pedigo

Abigail Stilwell

George Tipton

Heather Walker


Performance Dates:




Director: Kim Gordan

Music director: Sara Cook

Assist. Music Director : Mark Dudley




Date: Monday, June 21

Time: 4:30PM and 6:30PM

Ages: 8 years old to 13 years old(must be 8 by audition date and must not be 14 by audition date.

Performance Dates: Saturdays, August 7, 14 at 11AM, 2PM, and 5PM 

Rehearsals: M, T, Th beginning as early as 4:30PM(final times will be set at later date) and going to as late as 7:30PM

Participation Fees will be charged for each child cast of $65.00 or $100.00 per family if more than one child in the show.  This can be paid out if necessary but must be completed within 2 weeks of performance date.


What do I bring or prepare: No material to prepare as students will be taught at audition what they need.

Sign Ups will be conducted in advance via our Signup Genius form.  We have set aside 40 slots for each time listed.  Please if you can make it to the early, do so, as many will have working families that can't get them in that early.  To sign up, click HERE.  You will be sent a reminder 5 days in advance but please make note on your calendar of your time slot.