Dinner Theatre Nearing Completion!

 Get Ready Texoma

After nearly 12 months of planning, designing and constructing, we now see light at the end of the tunnel.  The new Wichita Theatre's STAGE 2 is nearing completion and opening will be hopefully by mid April.  As soon as we get a good feel of that date, we will put all ticket details up and tickets will be on sale.  

We have a lot of exciting plans for this venue as we are launching it with a fun murder mystery entitled "Murder: Stage Right".  In the middle of that run, we will take a weekend to introduce a new production we are producing along with Illusionists, Ron Wilson.  This new show is being designed for the small stage and will blow your mind.  It's called Mystiq.  Details coming soon.

Many have asked what you will be eating.  Well, what we promise is it won't be popcorn, hot dogs or nachos.  As good as those are in our concession stand, you'll have to continue to attend shows on the main stage for that fare but won't we can tell you is that the what you get from Stage 2 will be above anything you've experienced in Wichita Falls.  Final contracts are being completed and will make an announcement  shortly also.

Stay tuned, final plans coming in next 5-7 days.





11:00AM - 5:00PM


Box office open 1.5 hours prior to any published showtimes.