Wizard of Oz Rehearsal Schedule

Monday July 17

6:30-7:30  Munchkins

7:30  Everyone that is not a munchkin

Tuesday July 18

6:30- 7:30  Trees

7:30  Crows

Thursday July 20

6:30-7:30  Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow

7:30  Poppies

Thank you all for coming out to audition. What a great turn out! This is the most difficult part of our job.  So much talent was presented but unfortunately decisions had to be made. For those who didn't get cast, don't give up.  Be sure and come back.  

Please accept or decline your role by emailing Amanda Derbyshire at

The first rehearsal will be a vocal rehearsal on Monday next week.  We will post RIGHT HERE for who is needed and what time.  Parents, we will be setting up a Facebook group to communicate with all cast and parents of cast in the future, but until such time, rehearsals will be posted at the top of this backstage page.

Please email Amanda and do NOT fill out the bottom of this form.

2017 Wizard of Oz Cast List

Dorothy Gale – Amanda Derbyshire

                 Understudy – Kara Hicks

Aunt Em – Jerri Sparks

                 Understudy – Laurie Stillwell

Uncle Henry/ Gate Guard – Chip Kouri

Zeke/ Cowardly Lion – Luke Draper

                Understudy – Seigen Walker

Hickory/ Tin Man – Daniel Levell

                Understudy – James Duke

Hunk/Scarecrow – Josiah Derbyshire

                Understudy – Daniel Levell

Miss Almira Gulch/ Wicked Witch – Courtney McClure

                Understudy – TBA (Will Read From Cast)

Professor Marvel/ Wizard Of Oz – Seigen Walker

Glinda Good Witch of the North – Kara Hicks

                 Understudy – Summer Crain

Three Crows – James Duke, Aidan Neely, Ben Austin

Three Trees – Summer Crain, Sarah Merlau, Laurie Stillwell

                  Understudies – Rosa Marsh, MaKenzie Baker,                                                                                       Madeline Catron

Poppies – Ally Byork, Abby Hobart, Abigail Fisher, Piper Crain, Jessilyn Rooney, Daulson Biggs, Cadence Buhler, Emma West

Ozians – Abi Stillwell, Laurie Stillwell, Madeline Catron, Ryan Mitchell, Aidan Neely, Sarah Beth Johnson, Summer Crain, Macy Davis, Haley Hancock, Abby McGillis, MaKenzie Baker, Krystal Buhler, Karla Berkshire, Mandy King, Gina Darty, Ben Austin, William Fifer, Joshua Meier, Sarah Merlau, Rosa Marsh, John Mark Stillwell

Winkie General – James Duke

                    Understudy – William Fifer

Winkies – Dylan Phillips, Jermiah Sypula, Ryan Mitchell, Aidan Neely, Finley Faulkenberry, Jacob Stewart, John Mark Stillwell, William Fifer, Jayden Davis, Spencer Simons, Ben Austin

Monkeys – Renae Edgar, Abby Hobert, Allie Byork, Alisha Power, Daulson Biggs, Cadence Buhler, Angelica Boyle, Titus Crain, Kila Custard, Madalyn Grady, Dylan Sheffield, Finley Faulkenberry, Jaden Davis

Munchkin Mayor – Keaton Larocque 

Munchkin Coroner – Ramon Nunez 

Munchkin Barrister, and city fathers – TBA after music rehearsals start. 

Lullaby League - Emma West, Grace Darty, Chloe Valencia

Lolli Pop Guild – Gavin Hansard, Gabriel Nieves, Damian Alvarez

Munchkins – Bryleigh Tarter, Cadence Hill, Allison Marshall, Mackenzie Deaver, Nikki Goodgion, Paige Roberto, Campbell Hansard, Malea Rierson, Emily Calvert, Will Faulkenberry, Kaydrin Bowden, Lia Meier, Mason Putthoff, Keely Malone, Shelby Stitt, Trinity Buhler



Tuesday11:00AM - 5:00PM
Wednesday11:00AM - 5:00PM
Thursday11:00AM - 5:00PM
Friday11:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday12:30PM - 2:00PM|6:00PM - 7:30PM