Cats List


Thank you all for coming out to audition. What a great turn out! This is the most difficult part of our job.  So much talent was presented but unfortunately decisions had to be made.  For those who didn't get cast, don't give up.  Be sure and come back.  

Please accept or decline your role by emailing Amanda Derbyshire at

There will be a cast meeting on Monday, May 8th at 7:30PM at the theatre.  

Please email Amanda and do NOT fill out the bottom of this form.

2017 CATS Cast List

Alonzo - Gabriel Williams

Asparagus/Bustopher Jones - Seigen Walker

Bombalurina - Caitlyn Minuto

          Understudy: Stephanie Medenwaldt

Carbucketty - Kara Hicks

Cassandra - Michaela Trebing

Coricopat - Carson Hollingsworth

Demeter - Ashlen Loskot

Deuteronomy - Jim Hall

Electra - Daryl Campagna

Etcetera - Caitlen Richison

Grizabella - Brenda Richison

Jellylorum - Jennifer Walker

Jemima - Emily Gill

Jennyanydots -Amanda Derbyshire

Macavity/Plato - TBA

Mr. Mistoffelees - Elijah Stade

Mungojerrie - Chase Shaw

Munkustrap - Nathen Moore

Rumpleteazer - Angelica Concepcion

Rum Tum Tugger - Bayley Hawkins

Skimbleshanks - Cadence LeBoeuf

Tantomile - Emily Spicer

Tumblebrutus - Mary-Grace Scales

Victoria - Sarah Johnston



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